IVI, The Future of Sports

IVI is an innovative payment network and a new kind of Sports Clubs management

Difficult to invest among so many CryptoAssets.
But if you pay attention to our token IVI of infinivi.io you will find out that there are really good ones.
If you pay attention, to our token IVI of infinivi.io you will find out that we are supported by real and sound contracts with major Football Soccer teams in Brazil + Ukraine + Turkey + Spain + China and other in the pipe.
Invest today in a token of $1.2 each, with a trend of $3 by September 2018 Should be a good return in few weeks ! https://infinivi.io
Wanna know more ?
After a successful PRE-ICO, INOOVI Ltd – https://infinivi.io – issuer of IVI Token, based on ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain is processing its public ICO.
IVI is a utility token, devoted to Football and Sports Management Clubs as well as allowing VIP services for members.
IVI is available on https://infinivi.io website for time being and on https://cryptomagz.com exchange website – http://cryptomagz.info/#!/trade/IVI-ETH – A real secure and Decentralized exchange with high potentials.
IVI is made for Sports : IVI has signed huge contracts and agreements, allowing famous Sports Clubs to purchase last batches of IVI.
The latest contracts have been signed with Corinthians and Santos – Neymar Brasilian – Football Clubs in Brazil.
Many more in Europe and Middle East. Many talks are opend with Asiatics sports clubs also.
Simply invest and support us for a long term also. Many other sports teams are in the pipe… Our utility token will be soon under spotlights with an heavy medias and press communication breaking news plan.
If you ever missed Google Stocks in the early 2000, or Facebook, even Bitcoin or XRP and Litecoin, do not miss IVI…. https://infinivi.io

Tokens Exchange Straight Purchase : https://infinivi.io

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